Following the recent bad weather and with a number of storm and flood claims we wanted to bring to your attention some recent advice given by The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA)

BIBA has published the following tips on what to do should you need to make a claim on your insurance.

  • Notify your insurance provider; at the earliest opportunity, call your insurance broker or insurer to tell them of the damage. Your broker or insurer will help you through the claims process and will help make right any damage caused. If you need to make any emergency repairs, inform your insurer before carrying them out so that they can consider this as part of the overall claim.
  • Stay safe; don’t put yourself in danger. Leave work like fixing a roof to the professionals.
  • Damage to motor vehicles; if your car has been damaged by a falling tree, this will usually be covered under your motor insurance if you are fully comprehensively insured.
  • Flood; if your home is flooded, turn the power off. Move any items which may be damaged further upstairs
  • Mitigate risks; under the terms of your policy, you are required to ‘mitigate’ against further damage or losses. For example, if you’re leaving your home unattended, make sure it is safe and secure before leaving.
  • Evidence your claim; don’t throw damaged items away as they will help you to evidence your claim. If it is impractical, for example a damaged carpet, then keep samples to show it to the loss adjuster and take photos of any damage. Also, keep receipts as this can prove how much you have spent to make good damage and ensure you get paid the full amount for your claim.
  • Gates and fences are generally not covered under household policies
  • Alternative accommodation; many policies will cover alternative accommodation if you’re not able to stay in your home, typically to the value of 20% of the sum insured.
  • Power cut; if you suffer a power cut, some policies cover your freezer contents up to the value of around £1,000
  • Statistics; in 2012, £1.19 billion was paid out in claims for flood or Storm damage to both commercial and domestic properties. In the same year, 24% of all domestic property claims were for ‘weather’