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Norris & Fisher are specialist charity insurance brokers who offer a tailored policy for village halls and community buildings. Our cover is the widest available in the market and our premium rates are very competitive.

Other village hall services:

Free desktop valuations are available to all Village Hall policyholders. If you would like a review of your building sum insured then please click below to arrange a free, no-obligation survey.

Ansvar policyholders may also wish to take advantage of the Risk Management self-assessment facility which allows discounts of up to 15% for committees who demonstrate that they have addressed Risk Management issues.

6 Good Reasons for Choosing Village Hall Insurance from Norris & Fisher

  • Specialist Village Hall policy with widest available cover
  • Competitive premiums
  • No administration fees
  • Rebuilding cost valuation service available
  • Dedicated Village Hall team with in depth knowledge of the policy
  • Sound advice from a Chartered Broker

Public Liability insurance and Employers’ Liability

Employers’ Liability is included as standard on the Village Hall policy. As well as paid employees, this provides cover for trustees, committee members and unpaid volunteers.

The Employers’ Liability insurance certificate must either be displayed in the hall where it can be seen by employees and volunteers or made easily available to them in electronic format.

A village hall in the UK.

Frequently asked questions

Does the insurance cover events?

Cover is automatically included for any fund-raising events, exhibitions, craft fairs and fetes organised and run by you for up to 1,000 persons in attendance at any one time.

The policy also provides liability cover in respect of bouncy castles and other inflatables subject to certain risk management conditions being followed. 

The cover would extend to committee activities at events organised away from your premises. However, this would not extend to injury or damage claims arising from the land itself, such claims would have to be made against the landowner.

What is the standard amount of public liability cover provided?

Public Liability is included as standard at an indemnity limit of £5million. However, this can be extended to £10million subject to an additional premium. 

Public Liability provides cover for injury to third parties or damage to their property which arises from the negligent activities of the policyholder.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional Indemnity protects you from harmful advice offered by your organisation which leads to harm or financial loss. This is usually not required under the Village Hall policy but can be added subject to an additional premium.

If you as a committee were to run drop sessions to help people with money trouble or offer free legal advice, then this may be something that you wish to include.

Do I need Fidelity Guarantee cover?

Fidelity Guarantee provides cover for loss of money arising from fraud or dishonesty, e.g. embezzlement by an officer of the committee, including a gradual filtering of funds.

This is not included as standard but can be added subject to an additional premium.
Very few of our clients opt for this cover as they do not deal with large sums of money. In addition, the money section provides cover up to £500 for losses discovered within 14 days.

What is Hirers Liability insurance?

Hirers’ Liability cover is included as standard on the Village Hall policy. This extends your Public Liability insurance to provide cover for users of your premises at an indemnity limit of £5million.

To benefit from this cover, the user would need to comply with the following requirements:

  1. They are a charity or noncommercial organisation
  2. They do not carry out any activities at venues other than your premises
  3. They do not make any profit from their meetings other than that reinvested back into the club or for charitable purposes
  4. They do not have any paid employees
  5. They do not carry out any excluded activities – Please refer for further details

Do you offer personal accident cover?

Personal Accident can be included from as little as £20.99 a year, inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax. This provides cover for injury to employees, trustees, committee members or volunteers arising from an accident where there is no need for negligence.

If a volunteer were to suffer an injury whilst on committee business and is unable to work as a result, then the policy would provide a cash payment to make up for their loss of income. This would also pay larger lump sums for death or disablement.

Do Village Halls need to have Public Liability insurance?

Whilst not compulsory, Public Liability is an essential component of any Village Hall policy. Public Liability provides cover for injury to third parties or damage to their property which arises from the negligent activities of the policyholder.

This can also be extended to any non-commercial hirers of your premises. 

Are we covered for Fireworks?

Cover is automatically included for fireworks and/or bonfire events for up to 500 people in attendance, providing that this is run by the Village Hall committee.

If you are expecting more than 500 people or if the event is being run by a professional supplier, then please get in touch, as we may need to arrange additional cover.

I have an Employers Liability certificate but no certificate for Public Liability. Is this correct?

Employers Liability is a compulsory form of cover if you have employees, the law requires you to hold Employers Liability cover for an indemnity limit of at least £5m. Public Liability is not compulsory by law, so no certificate is issued.

Committee members and volunteers come under the definition of employees and would be covered by the Employers Liability section. The insurance certificate must either be displayed where it can be seen by the employees and volunteers or made easily available to them in electronic format.

Are we covered for Bouncy Castles?

Cover for Bouncy Castles and other inflatables used at your premises is included as standard, providing that you adhere to the insurer’s advice and guidelines as outlined below:

  • Access and use of the inflatable is controlled by an authorised adult employee/volunteer at all times.
  • When used outside a building, it is securely anchored to the ground at each anchor point
    each anchor point is signed or otherwise marked to be made easily visible and wrapped to prevent injury.
  • Soft matting is used to cover hard surfaces adjacent to the front or any open sides with a risk of injury from falling from the inflatable.
  • This would also extend to any private events organised by non-profit making hirers of the premises, such as children’s parties.

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