Hello again and welcome to the latest email from Norris & Fisher, specialists in Village Hall and Community Building insurance. This update including information concerning liability. We cover the issue of self-employed cleaners and provide a guide for hall committees on the subject of reducing liability.

We had a query from ACRE earlier this year regarding self-employed cleaners and whether they have to hold their own insurance. Under the Ansvar policy which we offer, such cleaners fall under the definition of “Employee” so they do not need to arrange their own Public Liability cover. If they were to be injured in the course of their work and the committee were negligent – if they were electrocuted on a faulty vacuum cleaner provided by the hall, for example – then their compensation claim would be dealt with under Employers’ Liability cover. If they caused injury to a third party or caused damage to that party’s property then the claim would fall under the hall’s Public Liability cover.

This seems at odds with what would normally be expected – i.e. that the cleaner should hold his or her own Public Liability cover – but it is certainly the way the Ansvar policy is worded. If the cleaner were to carry out other work away from the Hall then they would, of course, need insurance for that aspect.

Whilst on the subject of liability, hall committees might find it useful to read through Ansvar’s 6-point guide to reducing liability. Full details are outlined in the above downloadable guide but the six points are as follows:

  • Understand your charity’s responsibility under the law
  • Undertake thorough health and safety risk assessments regularly
  • Keep accurate and timely records
  • Ensure that all members of staff know their liability “boundaries”
  • Ensure that any contractors acting as your agents are suitable
  • Consider an insurer who specialises in handling charities’ needs

If you would like printed copies of the guide, please let us know.

We hope that you have found this advice useful. Should you have any questions regarding insurance we are always happy to discuss them with you – even where the Hall is not insured via Norris & Fisher.