A popular activity at Village Halls, it is important for committees to establish that sufficient cover is in place in respect of Bowls Clubs.

As you may be aware, Hirer’s Liability is automatically included under the Village Hall policy which Norris & Fisher offer. As a result, Short Mat Bowls Clubs would have the benefit of the Hirer’s Liability cover under the Village Hall policy for their activities at your premises. This would protect them against claims from third parties who have been injured or whose property has been damaged. The Hirer’s Liability cover only applies for activities which the club hold at the Village Hall, so if such clubs are involved in a league and play fixtures away from the Hall then they would need to arrange separate public liability insurance which would cover these activities.

What is more, the away venue would not have cover which would protect the team as that cover would only apply in respect of incidents for which the hall committee and negligent and held liable. So for example if someone were injured as a result of the bowls activities, such as tripping over a bowl, then cover would not apply under the hall policy.

This can be addressed by the Club arranging their own liability cover. Norris & Fisher offer a tailored Short Mat Bowls Club policy. There is no need for the club to be affiliated to a county organisation nor to the English Short Mat Bowls Association.

Cover is available for Public Liability – which applies in respect of home and away fixtures – as well as member to member liability, so if one member injures another then that would be covered. We are also able to arrange material damage cover for mats and winders which may be stored at the hall premises.

The Public Liability cover is available from just £48.75 per annum, including Insurance Premium Tax. For further details please visit our shortmat bowls insurance page